SWTOR -- Bioware remarks about the mean

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Haters gonna hate

But I love it

Seems I cant help but go on about Bioware this week, It's because Mass Effect 3 came out, and once again took some impressive steps in story telling and creating a rich universe for gamers, or fans of sci-fi in general. Once more they manage to deliver a story that is not only exciting, but embraces concepts greatly lacking in the genre.

Are you a treker, or a mod.

What your sci fi may say about you.

While most of us are generally “ Sci-fi” generalists, being fans of nearly all things the genre has to offer there may be a slight tell however to the inner workings of an individual by how they rank their favorite stories. A Sci-fi fan can be as diverse as any other group of individuals and each sci-fi series may cater to that different taste.

SWTOR Same gender romance update

so...any news?

Star Wars: the old republic has been out now for over a month, and has seen it's first major update, as well as many weekly patches and fixes. The sales figures are looking good, and EA/Bioware and Lucas Arts can keep pushing into the ancient lore of a galaxy far far away. From the early days as reported earlier Bioware has confirmed the inclusion of same sex romances as options for the characters. This has been a known feature since 2009. The feature however is still absent. What is going on? Many ask.

Here I will give the low down on what the average player knows, and those who may not play games but are cheering on the social advancement should know.

Love in all forms

spreading it all over the universe baby.

  Reproduction comes in all forms, Sci-fi writers have always done a wonderful job of illustrating this. From the A-sexual Hutts of Star Wars, the mono-gender Asari of Mass Effect, the self of Stargate and countless other forms all have their place. Love and romance sometimes reflects this, sometimes not- but is it that there is a lack of romance forms in sci-fi or is it simply something that is largely ignored because “ it's common sense that all forms of love are afoot “

Can they pull it off twice?

Bioware to pump Same sex romance back into the Star Wars universe.

Most people who know gaming are fully aware that Bioware, makers of such iconic games such as the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, the original Knights of the Old Republic as well as others are not afraid to tell a deep character story including romance options into their games. More over they have never been too shy about including same sex romances. While one can argue that there are times the gaming giant seems to “ tip toe” with the issue, or pander more to the female/female options more than the other to win over the 16-35 year old male demographic more- the fact remains that they are still one of the only companies to approach the subject in a way that feels more ' natural' and not overloaded with a stereotyped characterization many other games have used. “ oh, a gay male quest giver? write him as flaming as you can for lols!”

Mass Effect 2: Lesbians OK, Gay Men Not OK

Much has been made of the fact that you can customize the gender of your character Commander Shepard in the new game Mass Effect 2.  And if your Commander Shepard is female, then you have two choices: you can have a relationship with a male character, or a relationship with a female character.  However, male Commander Shepards can ONLY have relationships with female characters.  

Why would Bioware allow players to customize everything about their character except allowing for male homosexual relationships?  In a recent IGN review, creator Ray Muzyka explained that "it's not a wide-open choice matrix. It's more choice on a tactical level with a pre-defined character. So they're different types of narratives, and that's intentional."  

In other words, "because we said so, and we know best, that's why."
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