Are you a treker, or a mod.

Are you a treker, or a mod.

What your sci fi may say about you.

While most of us are generally “ Sci-fi” generalists, being fans of nearly all things the genre has to offer there may be a slight tell however to the inner workings of an individual by how they rank their favorite stories. A Sci-fi fan can be as diverse as any other group of individuals and each sci-fi series may cater to that different taste.


Lets take for example the standard: Star Wars vs Star Trek. No this will not into a “ who will win” argument, those break the internet almost as fast as “ Mike or Joel? “ This is looking into an individuals taste. On one hand you have a space opera, a serial type fantasy. It is born of character story and high adventure, the other is more grounded in Science technology and heavy explanation of situations, usually at the risk of a rather low grade sense of adventure but thick with subtly placed meanings in the over all theme.


Too long, didn't read: Star Wars fans like the fantasy and escape, don't really care how the ships or lightsabers work in exact detail because they are nothing but a plot tool to progress the story. Star Trek fans prefer the more detailed technology aspects and all it's glory, weapons and ships need to be fully described in their use because they are important to the plot itself.


I also will state that going to a Star Wars convention still beats a Trek convention. One tends to have a much much more attractive population attached to it, that and Corellian is much more sexy than Klingon anyway... That is until someone starts using Gao'uld. So what do you think your favorite sci-fi says about you?