SWTOR -- Bioware remarks about the mean

Bioware is certainly going fairly difficult

Bioware is certainly going fairly difficult as well as secured away gamers, because a few look from their own display as well as study because mistake communications whenever you sign in. The main Participant isn't a responsible sensation. Some of those gamers who are able to not really sign in now's Bionic711. He's right now released a contact he or she obtained through customer support as well as can make him or her conscious of a good criminal offense. States the ball player offers journeyed our planet Ilum as well as acquired faithfully loot. This particular earth Ilum was created just for gamers from degree 50 as well as degree forty, particularly scaled-down gamers possess to consider something because. This will be produced obvious therefore within the online game.

Stephen Reid, the city supervisor associated with Bioware has used this particular placement. He or she verified the actual event stated simply. He or she mentioned that the scaled-down team had been briefly prohibited simply because they methodically as well as experienced captive-raised within good sized quantities pot along with loot. Addititionally there is an additional team happen to be briefly prohibited, the actual precious metal experienced captive-raised. He or she verified you can now along with scaled-down amounts Ilum manage as well as support storage containers, however it's not substantial farming that could therefore the total amount isn't disrupted. He or she additionally came interest right now towards the conditions useful as well as weren't about the BioWare may clarify or even talk about anyone situation.

Therefore the participant has obtained the short-term prohibit. Right now it's the BioWare worker documented within the discussion board in order to talk and can check out additional the reason why. More info wasn't however recognized. Additional gamers tend to be worrying, therefore right now a person offers informed which any kind of speak bugged or even a minimum of examined with a software program. Stated gamers spoken not really openly however for yourself along with additional gamers as well as there are several dropped bad. The actual designers associated with SWTOR are in possession of the peek to the long term associated with on the internet role-playing online game, exactly where, regarding brand new content material.

Just the other day, the actual 1. 0. 1 revise was launched as well as submitted about the server, now merely a day time later on, there's much more information regarding SWTOR documented. The actual German born neighborhood supervisor Lars Kunz is at the state discussion board associated with SWTOR, a good perspective about the long term from the online game. Therefore will come in the actual arriving 30 days associated with The month of january 2012, a brand new Flashpoint as well as a good broadened procedure will be set up along with. Flashpoint indicates the actual battles occur within an completely " new world ", as well as with this it's in regards to a back again tale having a poor illness. Along with prolonged procedure, it requires gamers associated with SWTOR within the Karaggas structure, whilst waiting for surgical treatment tripled. Therefore after that so might be an overall total associated with 3 employers existing.

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SWTOR: Where is the love?

Or even a comment?

It's been some time now since it was mentioned. Actually the inclusion of same gendered romances in Star Wars, the Old Republic have been known about since the game was developed. Now drawing closer and closer to the one-year making since launch and we still don't have it, much worse, nobody is saying anything about it.

It was stated at launch that it had to be held out of the initial launch because of budget and time issues, further stated by “ then” lead writer Daniel Erickson (last March) that they also wanted to completely re-write new stories for companions you could romance. Ever since then, there has been a virtual blackout on ANY information regarding this.

The only glimpses came from Principal Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo who in an interview stated he “thought” it was going to come in the “MakeB" update, which has no ETA as of now. Current Lead Writer Hall Hood then tweeted and stated "Here's the official word, folks." The tweet was then oddly and suddenly removed. We assume this large story based patch that was mentioned during a guild summit over would hold the SGR content. “This year” in business terms can differ greatly from what's on our calendars, so who knows.

What's more frustrating is that every other subject seems to be acknowledged and talked about by developers, except this issue. When they host weekly Q&A and some 80 percent of the questions are about this very issue? You think they would say something. They don't. People don't want spoilers; we want to at least know we're still people too, despite shoving the topic into the back rooms of the forum.

There are technical questions. Many people want to know what to do with their companions. Do they go ahead and keep building affection with them? Is there a point where they are “cut off” from being able to pursue a relationship? Will they be able to still start one even late in the game? Many people are on their 4th or 5th level 50 character by now. It would be nice to hear SOMETHING from the company whom just recently won an award for being the most LGBT friendly company to work for.

Little hint though: play a Female smuggler or Female bounty hunter. You will find two same-sex "flings" with female quest givers. Let's not even get started on the lack of not only missing same sex “[Flirt]” option, but how female characters get screwed in that department in general.

Quick Robin, to the bat closet

DC's coming out

If you asked me to list all the characters that batted for the home team I could produce a massive list, however most of it would all be from head cannon. Thats not to say that a few characters have not had their moments. Except Aquaman, I'm pretty sure his preferences go against pretty much every human law ever devised. What are the others into? That is something, my friend, that will be answered.

Now I distinctly remember a few comics here and there through various publishers that have had gay and lesbian characters, the first I personally remember was Rainmaker from Gen-13 . Some claimed that her “orientation was controversial” but to be honest, I never met anyone who actually read comics that cared. It was however still a matter of tongue and cheek comments here and there, and or over the top super-lesbian fantasy fan service to a largely younger male audience.

We as a whole have grown however, and now the big boys of comics look like they themselves are ready to evolve. DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio stated during a convention in London that an “ established” character from the DC universe would be coming out. It's important to remember that an established character means “money maker” in the DC universe and this could mean any of their big names. 

I doubt Sups, or even Batsy are the ones coming because they have far too much established in their love life. I have a bad feeling it's going to be someone like Green Arrow, which now that I think about it, his ward's nickname “Speedy” may have a whole different meaning to it. Oh that's just mean Arrow! He's young, give him time, he'll get better!


I say Zeltron, you think dirty.

And you really should not

Star Wars is loaded with different species, many unknown to the average Joe. One species that has generated a cult following “ for questionable reasons” is the Zeltron. Now for those not in the know-it, here is a brief description. The Zeltron are a species of super heightened sense of empathy, able to send and receive emotional queues from others. If you think about it, Zeltron have a big down side because they feel everything everyone around you feels. To combat this, the species developed into one of constant distraction from the negative.


What does this mean? They became hedonists. Having a amazingly powerful metabolism sure helps. This turned their homeworld of Zeltros into an intergalactic party planet. Alive at all hours, experiencing all things life has to offer, and no taboo. Because they are also empaths, this means anyone visiting is instantly swept up into the madness. This actually has helped them as well. Zeltros has never been invaded-all attempts fail the moment troops hit the ground, and get pulled into one ongoing party. The Zeltron also have a pheromone that is intoxicating to others. This leads to the idea that the only thing a Zeltron cares about is sex.


Now to be fair, their sexual expression, experimenting, and just enjoying the positive states that come with the act are not lacking. It's a major deal. Yet a majority of the fanbase or, "more presumably the younger male population” focuses on this aspect alone, and it's transferred into role-playing, fan art or fan fiction. It's so much more! The Zeltron live to live. It goes far beyond sex. For them every bite of food, be it a favorite, or something new and exotic, is so much more than a simple meal, just like seeing art from all over the galaxy is so much more than just art. It's important to point out the differences, if just to clear the air, but on the true foundation of sci-fi in general. In the Zeltron is written our own passions to explore and experience life. To be able to do so without fear or judgment. They are our own reflections in many ways. It's something sci-fi has always aimed for, allowing our minds to reach out and touch the myriad possibilities and experiences about us.

Sci-fi is more than we think.

It goes beyond hope for the human condition.

When it comes to sci-fi people think of the epic technology, or the little notes on the social aspects of our species. For better or worse, a glimpse into the human mind and heart. We see the writers as people who were able to see us in a light so few can and with that power look beyond with a vague sense of prophecy to how we have developed in one manner or another.

All to often however I think we fail to recognize the people in the middle. These are the men and women who, like us, were inspired by what they read or saw on the big screen. However, rather than sitting there bright eyed and saying “ ooh that would be neat!” these individuals stood up, and made it happen, or at the very least made an attempt.


Granted there are many still able to recall the moon landings, and other major feats in our science golden age. While yes we are still on a technological boom as a species, as an individual nation the U.S is falling behind at a rapid pace. Education systems focused more on repeating known facts, and information gathering. They do not teach people to take risk, to reach for the unknown and try to actually teach themselves in a new light. We had the advantage in the early space programs, inspiration. Today we simply don't. Watching mice vomit in zero G in low orbit for the last few decades is not advancing. Those who do reach spent a great deal of time looking into sci-fi and dreaming. This is what we need once more. Dreamers, people who dared to ask the unknown, and search for it without turning to google. Only then will humanity find itself on a track to making that next step, be it cultural, or technological. People just have to be willing to try once again.

Sometimes it's fun to let go

Bring out the pulp.

It's normal for a good Sci-fi series to be dripping with the writers own worldly views, social commentary, or spins on humanities advancement in technology to a sometimes frighteningly accurate level. Yet, at least in my oppinion there comes a time where it's nice to be able to set all that aside, or just slip into a book in which most of those issues can be utterly and completely ignored and ride the adventure alone.

That was one of the things I enjoyed so much growing up and reading things like the Mars series or the origional Conan books. They were just pure fantasy, you could completely get lost in the story. No worries of deeper meaning, not having to debate over how solid the science is behind it all. Just getting caught up in the adventure, and nothing else. No matter how absurd it may have become, none of it mattered.


Thats not to say I don't enjoy a deeper story. It may be one heavy in science tech, or heavy themes. To be honest those tend to be what I normally turn to, seeking that stimulation of thought. There is something lacking however, rarely can the two sides compliment eachother in a long run without one becoming dominant over the other, and in this driving a story to be rather incoherant. The silly fantasy pulp style writing takes me back to the days of Commander Cody and other old serials-which are so enjoyable, and yet so painful to watch sometimes just because it is so “ behind” when held up to todays standards.

Haters gonna hate

But I love it

Seems I cant help but go on about Bioware this week, It's because Mass Effect 3 came out, and once again took some impressive steps in story telling and creating a rich universe for gamers, or fans of sci-fi in general. Once more they manage to deliver a story that is not only exciting, but embraces concepts greatly lacking in the genre.


People no doubt remember the game series first brush with media uproar. The First Mass Effect made waves when people were misinformed by a ' certain news network' and based by a 'expert' for it's over the top sexuality, and that sleeping it anyone and everyone was the games focus. Because Apparently .5 seconds of a bare butt in heavy shadow during a very very small and emotionally powerful moment is over the top. The network was trashed for their statements, and their ' expert' saw her newly released book destroyed on amazon, until she finally sat down and played- and quickly took back everything she said.


With the third installment Bioware once more reached into it's bag of powerful and emotional storytelling that brought with it a wave of emotions. More than one scene becoming flat out heartbreaking. Yes, I've fallen to tears several times already and still only half way through the game. When it comes to same sex relationships in the stories Bioware has never been shy. Sometimes it's more subtle, but I will say that ME throws that to the side, more over with a certain character that – without spoilers- blows open the taboo of openly gay, and strong gay leads that dont fit the comical stereotypes other games seem to take. This characters scene was powerful, and done in a way that felt natural, nor was it ever reacted to by other characters as anything odd. If you are a fan of sci-fi the ME series is a must- even if you have not fallen into the world of gaming, this series alone is a must. Have to play all three though, trust me things you do in one carry over in the two follow ups. Just...go, go get it.

Beyond the Bot

Isaac Asimov getting tiny.

Isaac, writer of I robot, Bicentennial ma, the last great question and creator of the three rules of robotics is perhaps the true godfather of robotic advancement. We see Droids working with humans in the manufacturing world, healthcare, and even cleaning up our own messes. Though still a far cry from the Rosie or C3-POs of poplar media. There is one place though that robotics ventures that too few have put deep thought into. Were talking the world of nanites.


While the use of nanites IS becoming more used in film, and comics, it's also becoming looked into with more hope and excitement in the medical world than people realize. Nanites are basically microscopic robots. Their size is tiny, think along the lines of a virus- or other structures smaller than a single blood cell. Nanites open up the idea that a person injected with a micro army could be treated for a myriad illnesses by a tireless army that themselves cannot be infected or destroyed. They could help mend bone, or other damaged tissues, slowly and safely remove clots and other aspects of a cluttered circulatory system.


There is also another use, one still played with on a fantasy level, though one I see as just as vital a step. The ability to change an individual. Anyone who has known a trans woman, or man see first hand the difficulty they face. Out of all sides of the GLBT community the trans gendered are often the most misunderstood and face trials most of us can't even dream of. This is all before they start a transition! The actual process itself is expensive, takes years, is often very painful and runs many risks. Nanites could be the savior.


Imagine this: An individual is about to transition from a male to female. Nanites could first be introduced to adjust, and micro manage hormone levels, lowering or raising the amount of estrogen produced. As the individual adjusts themselves and adapts to it the Nanites switch to repair mode, adjusting the individuals brain and reproductive glands to producing the “ proper” hormone one a natural balance is reached.


Next they would split into groups, some set to maintain the individuals health while some split off to deal with soft tissue, others hard tissue. By this I say rebuilding the individual from the inside out. Hard tissue nanites set to work like masons, breaking down and shaping bone in ways a surgeon never could have dreamed, altering the face, shoulders, hips and any other skeletal bits. The soft tissue nanites set to work accelerating breast growth, re-distributing fat and muscle as needed all the way to perhaps rebuilding a fully functional reproductive system “ with the aid of the bodies own healing functions, of course the brain not thinks to “ repair” the body differently.


While this is an extreme example, the cosmetic applications are endless; Treating hair loss, weight issues, even altering a individuals skin pigment to “ unnatural hues “ without need of a tattoo needle. Perhaps these changes could take months, perhaps they could in the far future be almost instantaneous. Perhaps one day the nanites may even be able to read the brain in a way to allow us to communicate with them and form a human/robotic symbiosis.

This is Madness!


Okay, okay I know, the battle of Thermopylae- the root of the legendary Spartan 300 is Greek, and Spartacus is Roman and from the third servile wars. I'm a history nut, I know but the title had to be done...it's the internet people! Anywhoo, lets get this thing going. Starz has had the second season of Spartacus running for a few weeks now ( third season if you count the mini prequel ). It's by far one of my favorite shows out there today. It's even managed to calm my desire to jump up and down and scream about some of the historical flaws. THERE IS NO THUMBS UP OR DOWN IN THE ARENA!!!!! Thumb down: put your sword to earth- let him live...Thumb across the neck ( we all know this sign) : Kill him. DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD!


Okay got that out of my system. The series as expected is very, very bloody and graphic. To that end I will say a little too bloody, even though the battle injuries shown are very realistic, the arena actually rarely saw a gladiators death, they were celebrities and very expensive so most fights were rarely fatal. But that wont make good TV. The amount of nudity and sex ( both male/female full frontal, and very romantic to very lude and over the top sex scenes, of all types both hetero and same sex related. This I seem to notice draws the most attention, and not really for why you may think.


While it's true some of the haters out there get miffed when a favorite gladiator takes to himself a fellow brother of the sands or another cries that Lucy Lawless needs more lesbian scenes the tone overall is VERY accurate to how life really was before the spread of a certain dogmatic mentality. There was no Gay, or straight- There was love, and there was lust. Who you took to your chambers was your thing and that is what mattered, Getting married as the series shown was to the common man purely of love, and to those in the higher tier of society it was a political move for power and wealth and nothing more in the end. I really felt it was important to bring this up and applaud Starz for working this aspect into the series without feeling the need to over hype or focus too heavily on the genders of people involved in the scenes, granted that era was very open and “ wild” when it came to the flesh- gladiators tease and have a brotherly laugh with another one whom was involved with another man in the same way they would any friend or brother involved with ANYONE and shows that once upon a time, we as a species were more advanced than we currently are.

Are you a treker, or a mod.

What your sci fi may say about you.

While most of us are generally “ Sci-fi” generalists, being fans of nearly all things the genre has to offer there may be a slight tell however to the inner workings of an individual by how they rank their favorite stories. A Sci-fi fan can be as diverse as any other group of individuals and each sci-fi series may cater to that different taste.


Lets take for example the standard: Star Wars vs Star Trek. No this will not into a “ who will win” argument, those break the internet almost as fast as “ Mike or Joel? “ This is looking into an individuals taste. On one hand you have a space opera, a serial type fantasy. It is born of character story and high adventure, the other is more grounded in Science technology and heavy explanation of situations, usually at the risk of a rather low grade sense of adventure but thick with subtly placed meanings in the over all theme.


Too long, didn't read: Star Wars fans like the fantasy and escape, don't really care how the ships or lightsabers work in exact detail because they are nothing but a plot tool to progress the story. Star Trek fans prefer the more detailed technology aspects and all it's glory, weapons and ships need to be fully described in their use because they are important to the plot itself.


I also will state that going to a Star Wars convention still beats a Trek convention. One tends to have a much much more attractive population attached to it, that and Corellian is much more sexy than Klingon anyway... That is until someone starts using Gao'uld. So what do you think your favorite sci-fi says about you?