SWTOR: Where is the love?

SWTOR: Where is the love?

Or even a comment?

It's been some time now since it was mentioned. Actually the inclusion of same gendered romances in Star Wars, the Old Republic have been known about since the game was developed. Now drawing closer and closer to the one-year making since launch and we still don't have it, much worse, nobody is saying anything about it.

It was stated at launch that it had to be held out of the initial launch because of budget and time issues, further stated by “ then” lead writer Daniel Erickson (last March) that they also wanted to completely re-write new stories for companions you could romance. Ever since then, there has been a virtual blackout on ANY information regarding this.

The only glimpses came from Principal Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo who in an interview stated he “thought” it was going to come in the “MakeB" update, which has no ETA as of now. Current Lead Writer Hall Hood then tweeted and stated "Here's the official word, folks." The tweet was then oddly and suddenly removed. We assume this large story based patch that was mentioned during a guild summit over would hold the SGR content. “This year” in business terms can differ greatly from what's on our calendars, so who knows.

What's more frustrating is that every other subject seems to be acknowledged and talked about by developers, except this issue. When they host weekly Q&A and some 80 percent of the questions are about this very issue? You think they would say something. They don't. People don't want spoilers; we want to at least know we're still people too, despite shoving the topic into the back rooms of the forum.

There are technical questions. Many people want to know what to do with their companions. Do they go ahead and keep building affection with them? Is there a point where they are “cut off” from being able to pursue a relationship? Will they be able to still start one even late in the game? Many people are on their 4th or 5th level 50 character by now. It would be nice to hear SOMETHING from the company whom just recently won an award for being the most LGBT friendly company to work for.

Little hint though: play a Female smuggler or Female bounty hunter. You will find two same-sex "flings" with female quest givers. Let's not even get started on the lack of not only missing same sex “[Flirt]” option, but how female characters get screwed in that department in general.