Quick Robin, to the bat closet

Quick Robin, to the bat closet

DC's coming out

If you asked me to list all the characters that batted for the home team I could produce a massive list, however most of it would all be from head cannon. Thats not to say that a few characters have not had their moments. Except Aquaman, I'm pretty sure his preferences go against pretty much every human law ever devised. What are the others into? That is something, my friend, that will be answered.

Now I distinctly remember a few comics here and there through various publishers that have had gay and lesbian characters, the first I personally remember was Rainmaker from Gen-13 . Some claimed that her “orientation was controversial” but to be honest, I never met anyone who actually read comics that cared. It was however still a matter of tongue and cheek comments here and there, and or over the top super-lesbian fantasy fan service to a largely younger male audience.

We as a whole have grown however, and now the big boys of comics look like they themselves are ready to evolve. DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio stated during a convention in London that an “ established” character from the DC universe would be coming out. It's important to remember that an established character means “money maker” in the DC universe and this could mean any of their big names. 

I doubt Sups, or even Batsy are the ones coming because they have far too much established in their love life. I have a bad feeling it's going to be someone like Green Arrow, which now that I think about it, his ward's nickname “Speedy” may have a whole different meaning to it. Oh that's just mean Arrow! He's young, give him time, he'll get better!